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Vague Direction Grant: Introducing Tay

Ten days ago, the application window for the Vague Direction Grant closed. Today, I’m very excited to announce the first ever recipient of the Vague Direction Grant. Find out more, and see the big reveal in the video below. And thanks again to everyone who contributed to the grant, you really are a bunch of […]

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The Fun Scale and Type 2 (video)

A little late night ramble about The Fun Scale and Type 2 Fun. Sounds weird, I know, but ever since reading Kelly Cordes’ article, it’s an idea that has stuck around. Type 2 fun is what makes an adventure – it’s those moments you end up cherishing: you remember the tough times far more than the times […]

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Vague Direction Grant – Chapter 3 (ft. Enya)

It’s Friday. Grab a cup of Himalayan Tea with infused goats milk and watch Chapter 3 of the Vague Direction Grant development series. This video features Enya, snow, and some of the hurdles that developing the application part of the grant has brought up. [Also, because loads of you are so brilliant and kind, we’re now tantalisingly close […]

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Vague Direction Grant – Q & A

The Vague Direction Grant opened for applications last week. It’s gaining momentum and is getting really exciting. If you read these posts then you’ll probably know by now, but here’s a quick summary: The grant is a community-fundraised £1,000, which aims to empower a young person (18-26), who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance, to go on a potentially life-changing […]

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Vague Direction Grant – submissions now open, apply now

Apply for the Vague Direction Grant Exciting news on this Friday morning. Submissions for the grant are now OPEN. Are you 18-26? Have you always wanted to go on an outdoor adventure of some sort, but haven’t had the means or the support to do so before? This grant is for you! Apply to the Vague […]

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Oh crumbs, yesterday’s blog had a broken link in it. So just in case you missed it, The Vague Direction Grant has just launched. It’s a way for those of us who’ve been positively impacted by outdoor adventure, to pass it forward to a young person who would benefit from a similar experience. Extra! Extra! Read all ‘abaaaat it!

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Introducing the Vague Direction Grant

  The Vague Direction Grant (click for more) ‘Ey up you terrific bunch, This has been a long-time coming. Ever since the original Vague Direction journey was complete, I’ve wanted to do something to pay it forward. The Vague Direction Grant is an attempt at that, and I’d absolutely love for you to get involved. Looking back, it’s […]

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Courage [new project & video]

‘Ey up chuck. Got a little bit of news. I’m working on a new project again. Here’s the intro video. It’s a new book. A collection of courage. It’s about moments of selfless bravery. Moments of fighting for the greater good. Featuring prisoners of war, firefighters, whistleblowers, mountaineers, photojournalists and more. When is it right to act […]

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