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The State of The Monsters


The Waiting Room I was sat in a train station waiting room yesterday. Everything was cancelled because of a “severe engine failure,” and over the tannoy it was announced that “the wait for those travelling by train will be at least 90 minutes.” Boo. Hiss. Yeah, yeah. People complain about travel delays but secretly we […]

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Buried In The Choice


They say we get better through practice. So what are we practicing? Complaining Skepticism Dismissing things Being the critic Putting it off Being OK with it being just about adequate Jealousy Bitterness Hopefulness Imagination Grit Generosity Encouragement Framing pain and mistakes as lessons Understanding it’s never quick Trusting the necessity of the struggle Building something […]

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When The Sauce Hits The Fan – Martyn Ashton [Video]


Martyn Ashton was always a bit of a childhood hero of mine. I grew up watching his videos, then watching them again, and again, and again, and then after doing that until my eyeballs bled, would go and unsuccessfully try to learn the tricks he made look effortless.  “As I fell, my legs hit one […]

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  Onism – n. the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time. “You are here. You were lost at first, but soon began sketching yourself a map of the world. Plotting the contours of your life. And like the first explorers, sooner or later you have to contend […]

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Learning To Use Intimidation


A truck approached. It slowed down rapidly, as though it was a last minute decision from the pedal-heavy driver. I was riding on the hard shoulder, without music because I’d overplayed most songs recently and was bored of Every. Single. Album. For a while, silence, creaky gears and bird noises had most definitely replaced Mos Def. […]

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If You’re Having A Bad Day


There’s a very valid time for quitting and walking away, and there’s a very valid time for sticking to your guns and ploughing on. I think more often than not, ploughing on is probably the best approach. The right or wrong decision is something that is obvious when you look back and connect the dots, but it […]

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A Letter To A Thick Chunk Of Paper


Dear Book, Sorry for telling you to leave and never come back. But sometimes… well, sometimes I hate you. You don’t even realise you’re doing it, but you make everything so difficult. Whenever we’re in the same room, I hollowly stare at you – for hours or days – like a boneheaded idiot gazing at your […]

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It’s All Relative


The following is a guest post from Emma at Gotta Keep Movin’. She writes about that age old question of what an adventure is. My view on this is unreliable and changes more than a regularly rotated hourglass, so it’s nice to read that Emma has a way more solid approach. Anyway, it can be easy to get drowned in […]

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Everybody panic! There’s nothing we can do!


At this very moment, no-one can control the weather, or the passing of time, or an asteroid that’s heading straight for us that our telescopes haven’t seen yet. No-one can control a shoe in mid-air that’s flying towards our head. Not me, you, us, them or we. No-one. There’s a massive list of stuff that none […]

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