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Treasure Maps


[UPDATE: All maps are now gone, sorry!] ‘Ahoy me hearties, It’s been quite quiet around here for a month or so, but all for good reason – there’s fun stuff coming! In the meantime though, I was just having a clear out and found some treasure which I’d love to give away to anyone who might […]

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Mr Yamaguchi


Tsutomu Yamaguchi had a cushty job. He worked for Mitsubishi, in Japan, where he was an engineer in the shipbuilding division, designing oil tankers. It was World War Two. He was away on business when it happened, stepping off a tram, before heading to a shipyard that nestled among flat potato fields on either side. It was the final day […]

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The morning. Betty Lou Oliver did not wake up that day expecting to plummet 75 stories down the world’s tallest building. It was foggy outside, on the morning of July 28th, 1945. There was barely any visibility. A B-25 Bomber became lost in the New York mist and crashed into the side of the Empire State Building, killing all […]

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Think About All The Fucking Possibilities


Believe in your fucking self. Stay up all fucking night. Work outside of your fucking habits. Know when to fucking speak up. Fucking collaborate. Don’t fucking procrastinate. Get over your fucking self. Keep fucking learning. Form follows fucking function. A computer is a Lite-Brite for bad fucking ideas. Find fucking inspiration everywhere. Fucking network. Educate […]

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The Debt Collector & The Heathen


The debt collector was incessant. He wouldn’t go away. For a week, there he’d be, waiting outside school and becoming increasingly angry. Classic debt collector. I was 9. He was 10, going on 11. Adam was his name, and he liked football too. He was in his final year. It was a small school and only a few people played football. Adam […]

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The State of The Monsters


The Waiting Room I was sat in a train station waiting room yesterday. Everything was cancelled because of a “severe engine failure,” and over the tannoy it was announced that “the wait for those travelling by train will be at least 90 minutes.” Boo. Hiss. Yeah, yeah. People complain about travel delays but secretly we […]

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Buried In The Choice


They say we get better through practice. So what are we practicing? Complaining Skepticism Dismissing things Being the critic Putting it off Being OK with it being just about adequate Jealousy Bitterness Hopefulness Imagination Grit Generosity Encouragement Framing pain and mistakes as lessons Understanding it’s never quick Trusting the necessity of the struggle Building something […]

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When The Sauce Hits The Fan – Martyn Ashton [Video]


Martyn Ashton was always a bit of a childhood hero of mine. I grew up watching his videos, then watching them again, and again, and again, and then after doing that until my eyeballs bled, would go and unsuccessfully try to learn the tricks he made look effortless.  “As I fell, my legs hit one […]

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  Onism – n. the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time. “You are here. You were lost at first, but soon began sketching yourself a map of the world. Plotting the contours of your life. And like the first explorers, sooner or later you have to contend […]

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