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Turns out rural Nevada was a really bad logistical choice when it comes to random filming encounters with people along the way. There’s barely anyone here and this whole ‘Election Special’ concept doesn’t seem to working out too well yet. So, here’s a very short short film about solitude instead. Because there’s a lot of that in rural Nevada. […]

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Election Special: Episode 2

Here’s episode two. It features the first couple of big days back in the saddle, camping in the desert, blood, tarantulas, some bad rhymes, a realisation about Nevada, and a brand new cooking show. It is fair to call it mostly rambling nonsense. YouTube link.

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Election Special: Episode 1

And we’re off, kind of. This mini-project will mostly be broken down into Episodes and Shorts. Shorts will be films about people. Episode’s will be trip report style updates. Here’s Episode 1. Sorry but please keep your expectations low as this Episode 1 is not as good as Star Wars Episode 1 and doesn’t feature lightsabers. […]

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Vague Direction: The Election Special [VIDEO]

Oh yes. OH, YES. Time for a new project. Starting on Sunday, for a month, here’s the plan: it involves a bike (the same inappropriate, unsuitable one as last time) and another vague not-properly-planned-in-any-way journey. The best kind. There’ll be more info from Sunday onwards but for now, if this sounds intriguing, watch the video above, […]

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11 Lessons From Writing A Book


“Writing is hard for every last one of us… Coal mining is harder. Do you think miners stand around all day talking about how hard it is to mine for coal? They do not. They simply dig.” Cheryl Strayed The Vague Direction book is finally available. It’s called… drumroll… Vague Direction: A 12,000 mile bicycle […]

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What you should expect from a long bicycle journey


Bicycle touring for a sustained period of time is a funny old thing. It is freedom. It is frustration. It is joy. It is really a range of everything you can get thrown at you, erm, being thrown at you. Here’s a little photo journal of what you might expect if you saddle up and […]

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Chats with Evernote


If you followed the Vague Direction bicycle journey as it was happening, you may’ve seen the Evernote logo on the Vague Direction website. They were friends and partners throughout the trip, and I don’t think I could function properly without their productivity tools, which have become an external brain and a place to document everything – […]

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Creative projects, iteration & doubt

Here’s another video. (Last one for a while, promise!) Following on from the last post, where Visual Collective and I teamed up, this time around we had a quirky conversation about: The battles of a long-term creative project Knowing or not knowing when a project is done The fear that comes with knowing something you’ve made will be […]

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A Little About Film

At the end of a very long day a week or two ago, dear homies Visual Collective and I teamed up to record a piece about Vague Direction when we possibly maybe probably definitely should’ve been doing other things. They’re very nice. We spoke about: What the reason for starting Vague Direction was How the […]

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The Vague Direction Book (Pre-order now on Kickstarter)


Hey everyone, Big ol’ news today. The Vague Direction Book, about the bicycle journey and the stories that happened along the way, is written. And I’d love your help to publish it. So today, for a limited time, I’m launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help get over the final hurdle, which is to get: […]

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