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An audio interview about Vague Direction and what it’s about.

A few days ago in BC, a local called Ted from HQPrinceGeorge wanted to do an interview about Vague Direction and what the project’s about. It was a fun conversation about some stuff that’s been written about on the blog and other stuff that hasn’t been covered as much. Here’s a 5 minute snippet that focuses on the lifestyle aspect of the project, and a couple of the takeaways so far – hope you dig it.

(If you’re reading this in your email browser, click here to listen)

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2 comments on this post

  1. Gary and Wendy Foster says:

    Hi Dave,

    Just wanted to let you know (because we parted so quickly in Stanley Park) that it was nice to meet you and that we have been following your adventures. Glad to know that you have been meeting many nice people along the way and just wanted to say that we always look forward to your next blog.

    Take care Gary and Wendy

  2. Heather and Mike says:

    your first stop in Canada and your last ….like strangely matching bookends for your Canadian story

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