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Courage [new project & video]

‘Ey up chuck.

Got a little bit of news. I’m working on a new project again. Here’s the intro video.

It’s a new book. A collection of courage. It’s about moments of selfless bravery. Moments of fighting for the greater good. Featuring prisoners of war, firefighters, whistleblowers, mountaineers, photojournalists and more.

When is it right to act and when is it right not to act? What does courage really mean? Those are two questions that the project aims to explore.

And I wondered if I could get your early input at the very start of this process, to maybe help shape the book. Do you know of any rarely-told stories of incredible courage? Of someone doing something extraordinarily brave to help others? If you do, let me know.

More on the way as the project develops.

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  1. jimmyorlando says:

    Yes mate! and he’s off…. again. Looking forward to coming out to meet up with you. Im pretty courageous and would be happy for you to write all about ME, ME, ME. If you’d like of course.
    Jokes aside, good luck with this latest adventure. Rooting for you man!

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