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Day 5: Carneys Point, NJ to… Cape May, NJ!


Change of plan again yesterday. Couldn’t cross the bridge by bike at Carneys Point, so re-jigged the route a little bit / a lot, and made my way right around the coast, to Cape May, NJ. Ended up being the biggest day so far at 81 miles.

Another cracking day weather wise, cold but incredibly sunny all day. It started off from Carneys Point, going through farmland, until Pennsville. Stopped for apple juice and bumped into Dave, an ex-dairy farmer who has a couple of Elvis’s driving licences. Friendly guy who shared a couple of stories of his brother being stationed in the UK in the war, who loved it there.

And Umesh, who’s been living in Pennsville for 4 years after moving from Nepal, who sent this photo over:

It was pretty flat the whole way, no sustained up hill or down hill. One of those days where you just pedal and don’t really think about the mileage. Still really interested in setting off at first light and seeing what mileage is possible in a day.

Passed by a quirky looking fruit market, so popped in to get some lunch. Quite amusing seeing all the descriptions- “Jersey Apples – sweet and crunchy, goes well with cereal”. Nothing wrong with that, in fact as far as fruit descriptions go it’s quite well thought about. The ‘Apple Pears’ description wasn’t as original.

Going through Gloucester County and Cumberland County was refreshing, the air being seaside-like. A lot of crab shacks, and fishing bait shops that were closed until next year, so it was a bit eerily quiet for a couple of hours. But amazing roads for most of the day.

Click on image to view full panorama.

Pulled into Cape May, an interesting port town. It’s really empty at the moment, a lot of shops closed for the season, a bunch of holiday homes going unused. I arrived quite late, and had missed the last ferry, so went to grab some wifi at a local well-known fast food establishment until closing. It’s warmer inside than out, after all. So at about 11.30pm, it was time to find somewhere to sleep.

It’s probably quite tricky to find a place to camp in ‘the season’, but out of season, it seems like no-one cares that much. So after a few minutes of looking for a place to stay that was hidden, it became obvious that actually it doesn’t need to be that difficult. So I set up camp in the corner of the towns football pitch and had a good nights kip to be up early to board the hour-and-a-half ferry ride to Lewes, Delaware.

Farewell New Jersey (again). Next post from Delaware!

(Sloppy presentation and formatting today but the ferry’s here so must dash!)

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10 comments on this post

  1. Isaac says:

    How do you feel after the long ride?

    You plan on stopping at Helens for a Sausage???? They are delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Miss you bro!

  2. Gill Longway says:

    Love the photos and the big skys. Very different from here in the Lake District (uk). How’s your bum doing and any more aches or pains?
    Looking forward to travelling through Delaware with you. Stay safe and enjoy.

    • Dave says:

      Haha, hi Gill. Glad you’re enjoying the journey. Aches and pains have gone anyway in that area. Now it’s just sore legs really but nothing too bad!

  3. Steph Bradshaw says:

    Loving your blog and following your travels. Your photos are great, a really good mix – it’s so nice to get such a variety of landscapes/skyscapes, mixed together with fabulous buildings and interesting people. Of course your cycling exploits are really interesting too. Wish we had roads similar to the one’s you’ve ridden recently, lovely and flat, then I might be more inclined to have ago myself. Keep going and feeding us tales of your wonderful exploits.

  4. Kevin says:

    Youre in nice biking country ( seagul century land ) but you may need to hitch a ride across any of the bridges you are closest to at this point.
    Good luck

    • Dave says:

      Hey Kevin,

      Yeah it’s looking like a shuttle off the Delmarva Peninsula via the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in the morning. Apparently they put on a shuttle if you ring ahead.

  5. Tony Smith says:

    Dave, I am impressed; 81 miles with a load; more that I do on my road bike. I am also impressed with the way you travel late and find a place to camp. Good learning experience following your journal


    • Dave says:

      Cheers Tony. The night time camping thing isn’t necessarily wise though, haha. More a necessity to cover the amount of distance required to not overstay Visa’s!

  6. […] are spending time with their families, it seems like a perfect time to get the miles in. Plus, day 5′s total of 81 miles hadn’t been topped yet, and it had been over a month, so it would be an interesting […]

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