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Highlight: “Richard” [Video]

Every so often, a film pops up online that is striking, inspiring, a bit nuts, or all three. I’d love to share this one with anyone who’s interested in Vague Direction. I think you’ll like the content and it’s well worth taking 4 minutes out to enjoy this.

This short film tells the tale of Richard, a piano tuner from London, who voluntarily gave up his apartment to live a nomadic (and homeless) existence, just him, one bag, and a bicycle, around the English capital. He made the extreme life change after becoming fed up with his 7 year student debt, his constant work life, and material possessions.

The film was shot last summer, and Richard is now keeping a blog, called Piano-Tuning, which makes for great reading. Recent posts suggest he’s now in Argentina, so quite a stark contrast in just a few months.

Major kudos to Matt Hopkins who produced this work of art as part of the England Your England series. There are a bunch of other films on the EYE website that are well worth your time too.


(Click here if the video doesn’t show in your email browser, and please share the page with anyone who may be interested)

Richard from England Your England on Vimeo.

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2 comments on this post

  1. Tom Graham says:

    Thank you. So eloquent.


  2. Doug says:

    Wow so nice…I think deep sown inside ,we all feel like we could do something like what your doing, or this chap. But we have all sold out to this “american” (yes I did not capitalize for a reason) ideal that no longer works, and no longer brings satisfaction to anyone. And yet we allow the government, academics, schools, and society to continue to spoon feed our brains into complete mush to where a stack of papers, a cubical and a fast food burger is the way we should live….Ok I’ll get off the soap box now, though I had only place one foot on one rung of it.

    Thank for sharing…may you continue to have a safe journey.


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