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“I will never, ever walk the desert again… I’ve done it 4 times since.”

“It’s a bitch, to walk from town to town, and climb these mountains, and to get caught in these hailstorms and rainstorms and snowstorms and sleet-storms, and all the things that I’ve been caught in, and pitching my tent and hearing the sounds outside that just aren’t right, and in Utah I had a mountain lion stalking me, and that just scared the bejesus out of me. And in Montana I pitched my tent, and after I pitched it and was getting ready to go out I see grizzly bear tracks. And after I walked across the desert the first time in June, July and August, I swore up and down – I purposefully told friends – “I will never, ever walk the desert again”. I’ve done it four times since…”


It seems like a lot of people go on big trips after some sort of moment tells them to go – a catalyst that puts everything else into perspective. Steve Fugate is one strong, driven dude. He’s walked over 34,000 miles and crossed the United States 7 times. His walking story is astonishing, and the cause of it is incredibly sad. Take 6 minutes out to watch the film below.

“There’s no such thing as world peace. There’s only peace within, that if we obtain, then you’re at peace. And if everybody obtained it, then you’d have world peace, but that’s not going to happen.”

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