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Introducing the Vague Direction Grant


The Vague Direction Grant (click for more)

‘Ey up you terrific bunch,

This has been a long-time coming. Ever since the original Vague Direction journey was complete, I’ve wanted to do something to pay it forward. The Vague Direction Grant is an attempt at that, and I’d absolutely love for you to get involved.

Looking back, it’s really clear to see that the (seemingly arbitrary!) bike ride all those years ago (5 years ago now, crikey) had a massive impact on life thereafter. That’s been the case with everyone I’ve spoken to who’s been on an adventure journey of some sort. The personal development that can happen can be enormous. Loads of you already know that – you’ve had your own experiences with adventure and you’ve felt it. You learn new skills, you build memories that stick with you forever, and you see the world from a different perspective. It’s just really chuffin’ ace stuff that can be carried forward in life, isn’t it?

That’s why we need to open the benefits of adventure to more people.

The grant is brand new. It’s a way of all of us folk who’ve benefitted from adventure, to come together and pay it forward. Our combined superefforts will fund young people who may never have had the means or the support to go on an outdoor adventure before.

You can see more about it here, but here’s the elevator pitch:

  • We all band together and raise as much money as we can.
  • For every £1,000 ($1312 / €1125) we raise, we’ll send a young person (18-26) on a human-powered, journey-based adventure of their choice.
  • Whilst we’re raising the funds, young people will make a video application which tells us what outdoor journey they’d go on with the funding.
  • When all the applications are in (deadline will be 31st December), they’ll then be reviewed by an adventure panel who will choose who the funding is given to.
  • 100% of all money raised will go directly to the recipients. All of it. £1,000 per person. I’ll also provide them with support and mentorship – from planning to post-trip.
  • We’ll get to vicariously follow along as they undertake their trip in 2018 – they’ll be blogging and making videos about it.

Sound right up your alley? If so, please consider donating to the grant here. I’ll also be posting regular behind-the-scenes updates and videos there – you’ll get to see the grant being developed as it happens and be part of the whole process from the start.

Knowing that you’ve helped send a young person, who may never have had the means or the support to go on an outdoor adventure before, on a potentially life-changing trip which will steer their course in further life? That’s the kind of stuff that’ll leave you with a warm glow inside. Beats buying another round in the pub this Christmas, doesn’t it?!

Get involved! Let’s take adventure to a young person who needs it.

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