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Vague Direction People

During the year of travelling and living on a bicycle, I met a variety of people to ask how they have ended up on their path in life. A whole range of different people, from Singing Cowgirls to Hollywood Directors, Pizza Makers to Ex-convicts, Tech Entrepreneurs to Civil War Reenactors and everyone in between. Those who have found their calling, and those who are still looking.

I filmed with the following people. Click on them and you’ll see rough ‘snippet interviews’ that were quickly put together whilst being on the road. I’m currently working on something longer-form and less sketchy.

Dora Sullivan, Virginia [town mayor]

Meghan, South Carolina [bar-maid]

Alan Salmon, North Carolina [farmer]

Civil War Reenactors, Georgia

Misslette The Singing Cowgirl, Texas

Steve Stribling, Texas [hog trapper]

Tom Ethen, Texas [motorcyclist]

Joseph Wade, New Mexico [artist]

Nick Thune, California [comedian; Conan O’Brien]

Ruben Fleischer, California [director of Gangster Squad]

Guy Kawasaki, California [NYT best-selling author]

Eileen Gittins, California [CEO Blurb Inc]

Matt Mullenweg, California [founder of WordPress]

Samira Mostofi, California [movie assistant]

Martha Higareda, California [actress; Smokin’ Aces]

Bradford Haith, California [in prison for 10 years, walking for 13]

Lindsey, California [1800’s Russia interpreter]

Andrew Sinkov, California [Silicon Valley VP]

John Canfield, Seattle [business owner and gear designer]

Simon and Carol Bedford, Pemberton BC [pizza vendors]

Les Barna, Prince George BC [fisherman]

Doug Riemer, Petersburg – Alaska [pilot]

Gold Prospectors, Delta Junction, Alaska

Lawrence and Callum, Whitehorse, Yukon [kayakers]

Tim Koslo, Edmonton AB [artist and ex-addict]

Tara Ross – Lanigan, Canada [believer]

Sierra Noble – Winnipeg [leading Canadian singer]

Lisa & Churchy – Winnipeg [curlers]

Jolan Canrinus – Toronto [freestyle frisbee]

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