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The Value Of Grit, Trust and Time [TED Talk: Video]

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to give this talk at TEDxStormont in Belfast. It’s supposed to be called ‘The Value of Grit’ and uses stories from last years bike trip to touch on: why we should trust ourselves, why putting things off for too long is rarely sensible, and the value of elephants / grit. Yep, really. Elephants. Strange, right?

Hope that it resonates with anyone who is burned out or considering doing something new that seems scary. And hopefully the extremely nervous sweating and fast-talking isn’t too off putting. It’s now clear that I listen to way too much freestyle hip-hop.

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8 comments on this post

  1. Well done Dave, great stuff – very inspirational! I l love the elephant analogy. I am about to encounter my own elephant as about to go off around spain on my bike for six weeks, and no real idea what I am doing… your site and talk really helps :)

  2. Lois DuBois says:

    Great talk! Thanks Dave!! I’ve been following you (stealthily) since your us/Canadian trip began. Your lessons are universally important – whether we’re on a bike or other means of transportation – even a wheel chair. Thanks so much for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  3. Barb says:

    Hello Dave,
    Great talk! I completed my bike journey this year. To Jasper – me, the overweight gramma of 6. I started in April with a new bike, going a few kms a day, and worked up to a 54km trip just before we left. The first days were hard with more hills than I remembered being there, but I perservered. It was all the Warmshower guests (yourself included) that inspired me to take the first steps. I didn’t see any bears (Les saw two) , but I did almost ride into an elk as big as a horse! There are plans for next year too.
    Keep spreading the word. Thanks Dave!

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi Dave – that took some real courage, but I think your message came across real clear and it gives me food for thought about my own situation. Like you, I come from Cumbria and have a similar background of being in the hills and enjoying the outdoors. As I’m getting older and a bit more prone to health issues, I think a lot about doing some kind of journey by bike…maybe need to make plans and get started
    Anyway, well done for your various posts and blog which I have really enjoyed.

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