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The wheels – starting to take shape.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I was fully into trials riding. With riding everyday, and the strain that the trials bike came under, came a required knowledge of bike maintenance.

There was a time when bleeding brakes, building wheels, replacing brake pads was part of the daily post-ride routine.

But that’s long gone.

Now, I’m building up the touring bike, in preparation for the Vague Direction Project. Whilst there’s still a reasonable base level of basic maintenance skills, the vast majority have vanished and need to be re-learnt.

I’m hoping I can learn these skills now, before having to do them in a severe downpour by the side of a road.

EDIT: Since this blog post was written, and the photo taken, the bike has changed a lot. Take a look at the bike spec page to see the update.

Vague Direction: A 12,000 mile bicycle ride, and the meaning of life.
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