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Vague Direction Grant – Q & A

The Vague Direction Grant opened for applications last week. It’s gaining momentum and is getting really exciting.

If you read these posts then you’ll probably know by now, but here’s a quick summary: The grant is a community-fundraised £1,000, which aims to empower a young person (18-26), who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance, to go on a potentially life-changing outdoor adventure journey.

There’s been some questions since the launch, so here’s a new video answering some of ’em. If you like background jazz, then oh crumbs, you’re in for a treat.

(In other news, standing by a canal and talking into a camera is a fairly efficient way to receive funny looks by passing dog-walkers.)

faq video

Passing it forward: join in, and be part of empowering a young person to experience the benefits of adventure

Have you been positively impacted in any way by the outdoors, camping, rolling a vegetable up Snowdon using only your nose (that really happened), or any other adventure experience?

If so, then please consider donating to the grant here. The benefits of adventure journeys can be really meaningful, especially for a young persons personal development. This grant is a way for all of us who’ve felt that, to band together, pass it forward, and make a difference.

You’ll be making a massive and tangible difference to an individual young person’s life. Donate now.

Know a young person who would find the grant valuable?

If you know of a young person who you think would get a lot of value from going on an adventure journey, then please do send them to this page, which explains how they can apply for the grant.


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