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Vague Direction Grant – submissions now open, apply now

Apply for the Vague Direction Grant

Exciting news on this Friday morning. Submissions for the grant are now OPEN.

Are you 18-26? Have you always wanted to go on an outdoor adventure of some sort, but haven’t had the means or the support to do so before? This grant is for you!

Apply to the Vague Direction Grant now, and you could receive £1,000, plus support and mentorship, to go on an outdoor adventure of your choice.

Outdoor adventure journeys have the potential to really impact your life. They teach you new skills, give you new experiences, and can let you see the world from a different perspective. That’s the reason why the Vague Direction Grant exists.

How to apply

If you’re a young person and would like to apply for the grant, all the instructions about how to apply are HERE.

The deadline to submit your application video is December 31st, 2017. I can’t wait to see your videos. Good luck!

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