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Vague Direction People: Samira Mostofi

Why choose a risky, insecure and in-no-way-guaranteed path when there’s a safe and obvious one staring right at us? That’s a question that we all deal with in some form when making our own big decisions.

Samira is a kickass photographer and movie assistant, and it was only after realising that making movies was an actual job that real people do, that she transitioned away from the relatively safe path of becoming a lawyer, to a riskier one chasing a long lost dream of making movies.

This is a small segment from some footage that was shot earlier in the year, just a quick edit of some of the raw convo, where Samira has tons of actionable and inspiring points that apply to everyone about overcoming intimidation, taking a leap, ignoring reality and leveraging the positives of rejection.

Sidenote: Speaking of photography, if you have a few minutes and want to be inspired, take a look at these.

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    life takes balls.

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