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[Video] Vague Direction People: Yukon River Kayakers


Back in the late 1800’s, The Yukon River was one of the main transportation routes for the Klondike Gold Rush. Jump to 2013 and nowadays it’s less about gold and more about shredding in a variety of floating crafts. Connor Oliver-Beebe and Lawrence Brennan are two local kayakers, and a few days ago were out for a play in their playboats underneath the Rotary Centennial Bridge near Whitehorse, YK. I tagged along and was in awe of their skills the whole time – it was a blast. Below is a snippet of some of that filming. Hope you enjoy it.

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3 comments on this post

  1. Bill Maylone says:

    Hey Dave, you mean you can’t do that on your bicycle! Great Vid. thank you

  2. Gill Longway says:

    Hi Dave -wow dancing on water – what a brilliant kayaking video. Those guys are so talented and make it look so easy. Also loved your Evernote videos – I didn’t know the app could do all of that- am really impressed and love that they’re giving licences away.

    I guess the word adventurous conjures up different things for different folks. I changed jobs a few years ago and within the first two weeks was asked to give a presentation to over 200 people. Having never done anything like that before it was really scary, especially as I’d sat through numerous boring talks myself and didn’t want to send people to sleep. So finding a way to be engaging and dealing with a new and nerveracking situation was certainly a challenge and an adventure. Anyway the feedback was pretty good so I think I did all right.

    Stay safe.

  3. Rich says:

    Great video! 1993, spent a month in Alaska, my wife and I can tell it’s time to return.

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