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Hey everyone,

Looking to partner up with a few readers on a cool trip.

Using some exciting new tyres from Shwalbe (Marathon++’s) , we will set off from the west coast of England, and cycle across the Atlantic to land in South Carolina if the tides work out (maybe French Guiana if the seas are a little rough). From there we’ll continue across the land and, depending on how peoples thighs are doing, continue into the Pacific and see what happens next.

There’ll be some fancy kit involved. All brand new prototypes.  Tents from Marmot, Panniers from Ortlieb, great cuisine from these guys.

The pencilled-in start date is this time next year, so there should be plenty of preparation time. And it’ll probably take around a year to complete, finishing in Japan at the beginning of April 2016.

Should be lots of fun. Must bring your own inner tubes. No upper age limit. Safety partially guaranteed.

[EDIT: If you didn’t notice the date, this was an April Fools post. Did it work?]

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7 comments on this post

  1. Jim Cregan says:

    You are awesome. I love the fact you’re going again and I hope you team up with a stunning set of folks and spokes. That’s got a nice ring to it.

    Dude, rock on.

  2. Tomas says:

    Sounds great !
    I have mounted wings on my bike and I will fly over the alps in order to save time.

  3. Janette says:

    This was posted on April Fools Day!

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